Glömt lösenord?

Welcome to West Coast Jitterbugs!


Our dances and courses

Are you visiting Gothenburg and feel like swing dancing? Come join us on Mondays at 8 pm at our venue at Doktor Fries torg or at one of the other upcoming social dances. If you are living in Gothenburg or are here more long term, we also regularly hold courses in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Blues, Solo Jazz, Tap and occasionally Collegiate Shag. 

All of our courses are listed on the page Kurs och träning. The page is in Swedish, but click on the dance you are interested in, and you can see the courses available. 

Small glossary, course levels:
Grundkurs = Beginner (basic course)
Fortsättningskurs = Beginner intermediate
Medel = Intermediate
Medelavancerad = Intermediate advanced
Avancerad = Advanced

Looking for one of our dance weekends?

The links below have more information about our events:


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Social dancing

Check the event calendar on the start page for our upcoming events. We have a Lindy hop social every Monday, Balboa and Boogie Woogie social every other Monday on alternating weeks and Blues social every other Tuesday. All of them begin at 8 pm and usually last until around 11 pm. We occasionally also have weekend social dances such as a Friday Swing After Work or a Sunday Tea Dance.

Visiting address

West Coast Jitterbugs
Dr. Fries Torg 7
413 23 Göteborg

The closest tram stop is Doktor Fries Torg (tram line 10), or Wavrinskys plats (a bit further away with about a ten minute walk to the venue, but trafficked by several more tram/bus lines). To plan your trip you can use the public transport trip planner:

We are a non profit organization, with the registration number:


Read a summary of the history of West Coast Jitterbugs.