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Welcome to Minor Swing

April 29 – May 1, 2016

Fifth Anniversary Edition: The Old Timers


Minor Swing is West Coast Jitterbug’s own Balboa workshop. It takes place in beautiful Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, and it’s back to celebrate it’s 5th year of awesomeness! We think this year’s event will be something extra, as we focus on the theme The Old Timers.

In this our fifth year we are highlighting and giving homage to the greats in the early history of Balboa and Bal-swing. From Bart Bartolo to the Steinbrenners, from Anne Mills to Inez Thompson, Willie Desatoff , Maxie Dorf and the Takiers. Join us in our celebration of the birth and rise of Balboa and Bal-swing as we go on a journey of inspiration and knowledge about where it all began.

For inspiration, watch the jam at Bobby McGee’s from April 12th, 1987. Features Bart Bartolo, Ed & Inez Thompson, Hal & Marge Takier, Tony & Natalie Esparza, Willie & Lila Desatoff and Anne Mills.


We are proud to present the experts on this subject AND they will be your instructors at the workshop; Corey & Susan Manke (US) and Bobby White & Shani Brown (US)

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Live on stage:

All the way from Berlin Andreas Hofschneider Quintett


Speaking of bands… if you are in town already on Thursday before the event, you should definiely check out the Speakeasy Club at 2lång in the centre of the city! This club is run by Gentlemen & Gangsters, and they will play Balboa friendly music all night especially for us! No registration is necessary for this separate event, the tickets are sold at the door for 150 SEK per person.



We are very fortunate to have such talented DJs in our local scene and nearby! We are very happy to introduce Oskar, Gasper, Jonas and Anton as our DJs.

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Admission fees will be by a bracket system.
First ten leaders and first ten followers will pay: SEK 1250
Next ten: SEK 1400
The rest: SEK 1500

Read our Level descriptions and then sign up for the level you choose.
Registration for the full weekend pass is open.
We now have a (short) waiting list for both leads and follows on all three levels.

Party pass: SEK 350
Registration for party pass is open.
There are still party-pass spaces left for couples and leads.


West Coast Jitterbugs’ dance studio (Forum)
Doktor Fries Torg 7, Gothenburg, Sweden


Find the Schedule of the weekend here


minorswing.wcj(at)  (minorswing•wcj©gmail•com)