Glömt lösenord?

Swingin’ Spring 2012 Tasters


  • with Veit Hailperin and Mia Sandstedt

Ever admired others being so creative? Ever said ”I wonder where (s)he gets the ideas for all those cool moves!”? Ever felt like ”I’m not creative tonight”? If any of those applies to you, the creativity class is what you want. Creativity is not a mystery property that some people are blessed with and some are not. Veit will show you how the creative process works and how you can be creative on the dance floor any time you want. By the end of the class you will have created so many new moves you didn’t know you could!

70’s dances (”Robot style”)

  • with Gasper Hrovat

During one hour we will be wearing white gloves, hat or cap, and sun glasses… and go back in time, way back, to the late 70’s! The Disco era is just ending, and there is a new sound emerging out of the New York block parties. MCs begin to rhyme over the funk and disco tracks, and dancers begin to battle in jam circles. You’re next to go in, and you will do it as a robot man!

Gasper is an experienced b-boy dancer who will guide you through the basics and philosophy of this popular, creative and fun kind of solo dance! ROBOT STYLE is a unique yet universal dance for anyone who can move their body, no matter your age or dance experience. Be ready to be challenged in this class, and be ready to have a lot of fun!


Both tasters will be given on both Saturday and Sunday.

Tasters are scheduled during the lunch period.  On one out of the two days of the camp, your class schedule will give you a free period before or after lunch, the restaurant will be open then also. This means you can attend a taster and still have plenty of time to use your pre-ordered lunch ticket or go for lunch somewhere else.

On the other day you will need to choose between a taster and a lunch break. There will be time to eat a packed lunch, but not enough time to go to the lunch restaurant.